Daily Archives: September 12, 2011

“Everybody is a journalist”


In my “Introduction to Journalism” class I learned that the Web 2.0 is an interactive medium with collaborative and interactive games as well as a user-created content. In the lecture we also called the Web 2.0 the read and write web.

First of all I would like to define what the term Web 2.0 means. Web 2.0 is a term that was made popular at a conference from at O’Reilly Media in 2004. This is not a new technology or a new form of the internet, but a label, which is used for a new phase of Web development. At which the exchange of information, the interaction and collaboration of the users are in the foreground.

Examples of Web 2.0 are blogs, podcasts, wikis and social networking, where everybody can write, edit, read or add comments, pictures or articles.

One factor I am wondering about is, if Web 2.0 makes really everybody a journalist, because we are no longer passive, now we all can be active producers.


I am not sure if we can really call someone a journalist who is just twittering: “I am eating a chocolate” or blogging something about their crazy shopping day. I have to conception that as a journalist you should have creativity, interpersonal skills as well as awareness that you have a social and socio-political responsibility. Therefore I would say that really not everybody is a journalist.

“Joe Sixpax is as well a journalist as a miracle healer is a doctor!” Stephan Ruß-Mohl

Nevertheless everyone has a different understanding and definition of a journalist. For example according to the German Journalists´ Association a journalist is “full-time involved in the dissemination and publication of information, opinion and entertainment through mass media”. In Germany, any person can call herself a journalist even without an adequate training, because the job title “journalist” is legally not protected.

Another factor of the Web 2.0 is if we should talk about a “social media revolution”, because with the Web 2.0 we are the web.


And also according to the lectures YouTube video “Web 2.0 – The machine is us/ing us” we have to rethink a few things, like copyright, ethics, privacy, identity, love, family and even ourselves. I my opinion this are very good things that we should consider. One really important point I want to mention is copyright, because nowadays there are many young people who do not know that they are liable to prosecution if they are for example copy a whole Harry Potter book and post it on their blog. Often they do not know or even ignore that you must have legal consent to use another´s creative expression or “intellectual property”. But there are also exceptions of copyrighted material that can be used without the author´s permission. For example if credit to the source is given or if the work is for scholastic or research.

I have come to the conclusion that the Web 2.0 is really a “social media revolution” for all of us, maybe not all of us are journalist with the new Web 2.0, but I really agree that all of us have to rethink a few things regarding this new Web development, because “social media is about people”.